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For those who just need the basics: check email, keep up with social media, and perform other low-demand tasks.

200 MBPS

Buzz Broadband is a wholly owned subsidiary of Covington Electric Cooperative created to benefit the membership, the cooperative, and the electric grid.  At CEC, we have more than 75 years of experience serving the communities in our area, and that same experience will be behind our new venture as we roll out broadband service to our members. We look forward to helping the people of our community access the internet more effectively.

A New Service From a Trusted Company

In some parts of Alabama, getting reliable access to a broadband service is nearly impossible. The best option is usually satellite, but in spite of the high cost, this usually comes with limited data and poor reliability—especially when the weather gets bad. All of these problems are frustrating enough on a good day, but what about when you need to work from home, or your kids need to do remote learning? Suddenly, the inconvenience of a poor internet connection becomes a full-on nightmare. It doesn’t have to be this way. Buzz Broadband is coming to your neighborhood!

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A Bad Internet Connection Makes Everything Harder


The happy medium for those who need better-than-basic internet without the bells and whistles of top-level speeds.



For those who want more oomph behind their internet, this speed accommodates business needs, streaming, and gaming.


Buzz Broadband is a fiber-based broadband service that brings the highest available broadband speeds for a competitive price to our members. We are very excited about how this can transform where we live, work, and go to school! Installing fiber will allow Covington Electric Cooperative to enhance the quality and reliability of its electric service and bring the fastest internet speeds available anywhere in the country to our members. No more wondering if your internet connection will work when you need it to—with Buzz Broadband, you’ll be able to do the things you need to do, when you need to do them.

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With more than 75 years of experience in the electric utility business, you know you’re getting reliable service with Covington Electric Cooperative. Buzz Broadband is coming to your neighborhood soon!

The Fastest Internet Speeds Available in the Country

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